Why I Want to Teach Yoga

September 3, 2015

One of my first ever Yoga classes was life changing for me. It was as if my cells came alive and I knew I was home and doing the right thing. The safety, love and acceptance was like nothing I had ever experienced and I remember how very grateful I felt to my teacher for sharing his love of this practice with us all. It was way more than just a “exercise class,” it was as if there was nothing but the possibility of connection to something way bigger than myself. It was and is divine. This is why I want to teach Yoga! It is very personal and exposing of my self.

I still can hear his voice when I notice life out of balance, “breathe and notice”. Or when I am all kinds of angry driving in the Lake Norman traffic, “breathe and send people love and light.” This is a practice that extends way beyond our 1 1/2 hour class time.

While on my mat I get to explore how quickly I get judgmental about myself in a pose, then decide what to do with that judgement. I also have the opportunity to notice when my mind drifts right off my mat and out of the room to thoughts or situations far removed from the present. Again, I am forced to decide what will I do about that. What is incredible, is that all that judgement or mind drift occurs all the time. Yoga practice offers a safe place to begin to notice and find this similar thread that weaves through my life.

For me, the practice of pausing during my day provides me with so much understanding, (or at least doing my best to understand) the big picture. This pause and the resulting understanding is what is really important to me, what I value and hold sacred.

Let’s face it, we all have bodies so it is extremely important to take care of our body. Learning our best practices, like how far we should take a pose takes time. Also understanding that how far we go into a pose does not define us as good or bad people. Allowing circulation to flow with more ease, to utilize our capacity to breathe and noticing how our thoughts interfere with the quality of our day are central to my practice.

This is why I want to teach Yoga!