Practicing Yoga – Being OK with yourself

First I would like to say, this Blogging business is new to me.  As you can imagine my thoughts were very clear in my mind, however my hope is that they land in a way that you also understand what I’m trying to say.

This morning, I found myself contemplating the wonder of Yoga during my 3 year commitment I’ve made to myself, to do 3 Sun Salutations to begin each day.   As I moved through the movements it was very apparent that my range of motion in my arms was very limited.  The reminders came flooding in as to what the practice is for me.  The idea of being with a pose, like being with the moment at hand.  Practicing being okay with the range of motion is really the only option if I want to find peace.

The mental component to this practice far outweighs the physical.  Quickly I am reminded four things I need to mentally rehearse: first, the ease of being, second the peace of mind, third the kindness to self and others and fourth, the patience with myself and others.

But how very cool that on top of that list of mental gains, we also gain physical benefits, again layering far deeper than the reflection in the mirror.  Every cell that makes up your body is affected.  Organs and glands that you don’t see benefit tremendously. The incredible feeling that runs through the body and nervous system are just incredible.

Please take the time to let me know what your thoughts are on this topic, I’m very interested in your point of view.