Our Mission

Community Yoga was formed in December 2004 with a vision to create a place where people from all backgrounds will gather and celebrate as a community. Our goal is to produce an environment where all are welcome and where they can come for the “stretch” and leave with much more. Classes are open to students of all levels.  We are so proud to say, our values and commitment have not changed since 2004.

Community Service

Community Yoga is committed to SEVA, service to the community for the sake of service. Each year, Community Yoga chooses a worthy charity and spends the year finding ways to donate time, goods/services and money. Join us as we give back all the gifts we are blessed with every day!

Good things to know…

Benefits of a Yoga Practice

  1. Improves flexibility and posture
  2. Releases tension in the limbs
  3. Reduces stress and improves immunity
  4. Increases self-esteem and inner strength
  5. Deepens breath awareness and improves lung capacity
  6. Builds muscle strength
  7. Supports bone health, prevents cartilage and joint deterioration, supports connective tissue
  8. Prevents digestive problems
  9. Improves balance
  10. Allows for better sleep
  11. Regulates adrenal glands
  12. Encourages self-care and helps you serve others
  13. Provides space to seek peace of mind and connection to spirit
  14. Builds awareness for change and transformation
  15. Helps maintain vibrancy as we age

What do I need to know:

  1. Arrive 10 minutes early to take care of paper work and settle in.
  2. Leave your shoes outside before entering the yoga space.
  3. Wear comfortable clothing that doesn’t bind but is not too loose, especially on top; no socks.
  4. Let your teacher know before class if you have specific concerns or injuries.
  5. Select props:  2 blocks, a strap, and a blanket are helpful as you get to know your practice.
  6. Refrain from eating one hour before class so food can digest.
  7. Refrain from using heavy perfumes and scents that may be distracting to others.
  8. Hand and foot cream might interfere with your ability to find grip on your mat.
  9. The teacher will provide verbal cues for movement and breathe to guide you throughout the class.
  10. Watch other students, if needed, as you move through the poses until you learn the names. Within a few classes most poses will become familiar.
  11. Childs pose or simply sitting and pausing is always an option.
  12. Teaching styles are unique and some teachers will offer hands-on assists; if this makes you uncomfortable, just let them know.
  13. Give it a chance – taking multiple classes and trying different teachers will give you time to determine if yoga is right for you.
  14. OM or Chant might be a part of your class – ask the teacher or students if you would like to discuss or understand the intention.
  15. Remember, you are a welcome part of the class and community, so feel free to ask questions before or after class.

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