Amy Parrott

Amy Parrott (instructor)

Although she didn’t know at the time, Amy’s life was forever changed in 1998. That was when she first started practicing yoga and meditation on a regular basis. That led to her insatiable desire for knowledge about health and wellness.  Since then she spent years avidly studying and practicing a variety of healing arts – tai chi, qi gong, Reiki, Touch for Health, and nutrition to name a few. She consistently continued her yoga practice through two pregnancies and a debilitating back injury. These experiences are how she arrived at her revelation of most recent mission. She feels her purpose now is to share the message that anybody can use gentle movements to create physical and emotional well-being, no matter what their current physical condition. She believes that the mindfulness and self-awareness that gentle movement creates is as important as it’s physical health benefits. She promotes a practice that: reminds us to honor and respect the present needs of our bodies, discourages judgment, promotes mental clarity or spiritual connection, and teaches us how to lovingly accept our limitations.