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Mikki Ayers

Mikki is a mother and full-time science teacher who first acknowledged the benefits of yoga over a decade ago. She began a consistent practice while living in Washington state, connecting with an instructor who had roots in Asheville. Being a native North Carolinian, this inspired Mikki to keep returning to classes week after week, not […]

Jennifer Loher

Jennifer Loher (instructor) Jennifer started yoga in 1999 after joining a yoga club in college. She was drawn to thespiritual focus and beauty of the poses. She has experienced the healing power within asana and spirtual study that helps calm anxiety and leaves her feeling centered and confident. Over the years her practice has changed but she is […]

Uni Smith

Uni Smith (meditation instructor) Uni Smith is an Insurance Sales Professional and has worked in a Sales Organization for over 20 years.  Her occupation was draining her physically, emotionally and mentally.  She was seeking something to help ease the stress from my daily life. She was introduced to the Twin Hearts Meditation in March 2013. […]

Amy Parrott

Amy Parrott (instructor) Although she didn’t know at the time, Amy’s life was forever changed in 1998. That was when she first started practicing yoga and meditation on a regular basis. That led to her insatiable desire for knowledge about health and wellness.  Since then she spent years avidly studying and practicing a variety of […]

Meredith Luber

Meredith Luber (instructor) Yoga guided Meredith back to laughter and joy through learning to nurture her true self after her mother passed. Wanting to share the light and healing she learned through yoga, Meredith completed her 220 hour teacher training through The Bodhi Tree with Lesa Crocker in 2007. Wanting to share the light and […]

Lisa Konstandt

Lisa Konstandt (instructor) 10 years ago when Lisa discovered the joy of yoga and its many benefits she fell in love with the sense of calm, peace, and inner awareness she acquired from her practice. Since then, she has dedicated her time to practicing, studying, and sharing yoga with others. In 2016, she was compelled […]

Doris Kapner

Doris Kapner (instructor) I avoided practicing yoga until 2009 when it became glaringly obvious that it was meant to be part of my life. Like many people, I was too intimidated to walk into a yoga class not knowing what to expect. Luckily, the climbing gym I went to began having small yoga classes taught […]

Yvette Harrold

Yvette Harrold (instructor) Yvette began practicing yoga in 1997 in the basement of a Charlotte church, and she greatly values this early learning experience with Kripalu teacher Mary Lou Buck.  Yvette quickly determined that yoga was a powerful way to enhance her physical workouts and to bring better life balance.  She knew that the practice […]

Ann Hambright

Ann Hambright (instructor) Ann Hambright, RYT 200, completed Subtle Yoga teacher training in 2009 under the guidance of Kaoverii Weber.  Ann was introduced to yoga in 2003 by a dear friend.  The two decided to walk into their first yoga class almost on a whim; it turned out to be an Ashtanga inspired class that […]

Cristin Gregory

Cristin Gregory (instructor – Qi Gong) Cristin is the owner of Wellbeing, a holistic health clinic in Cornelius, NC, and she is a Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc) in the state of North Carolina. She is board certified by the NCCAOM in both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, and she has a four-year Master of Science in […]