Christina Marie

Christina Maria (instructor)
Christina Maria began studies in the energetic healing arts in 2001 with the intent to resolve an incurable autoimmune disease according to allopathic medicine. Throughout the years, she persisted in her commitment to the healing arts completing multiple certifications as well as studying/teaching various esoteric meditations & practices. Her deep connection and passion for nature led to a degree in Acupuncture.
There were many unforeseen twists and turns within her nebulous sojourn; discovering her own true inner nature and life path amidst the maya and distractions. Christina has assisted many souls within their final days and transitions awakening a new understanding of human spirit in relationship to the natural cycles of life & death as well as humbling herself to the mysteries of the soul. Christina states, “what has been most miraculous is the ability of the body & spirit to regenerate & transform itself. Furthermore, the heightened clarity of the mind & heart as it nears one’s passage home.”
Most recently, Christina has become a certified yoga teacher further deepening a connection with her own humanity, nature & the Divine. Ahimsa (non-violence) one of the ethics of “yama” according to Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga has rekindled a fire within her own heart to a more profound sense of compassion & interconnectedness with all sentient beings with new ways of expression.
Christina’s teaching style encapsulates the essence of ahimsa with the seeds of Bhakti. Her primary focus is the; internal cleansing of the asanas, pranayama, mudras & mantras emphasizing energy cultivation & management of the chakras and harmonizing yin & yang.
In addition, she teaches classes cleansing, nourishing and balancing the five elements of the “emotional bodies” through the utilization of; meditation, movement, sound & light.
It is Christina’s hope & aspiration to inspire, motivate & empower children and adults by offering practical self care tools to increase self knowledge, self-heal & restore/maintain homeostasis. By amalgamating these two timeless, sacred eastern practices, one may step forward merging with their Higher Self – Living their life purpose with balance, compassion, inner peace & harmony towards oneself as well as all other sentient beings.