Workshops and Series

Science of Breathing Workshop

How to Quiet the Mind and Relax the Body Using the Breath

Sundar Balasubramanian is a Cell and Yoga Biology researcher, and founder of Pranascience Institute.
He will share his knowledge of Pranayama (breathing practices), for stress reduction, health, and wellness. The workshop is designed for ages 12 and above, and appropriate even for those who suffer from severe respiratory issues.

This is an opportunity to learn and experience, first hand, the science behind breathing practices.
REGISTRATION ENDS MAY 6, 2019 Making a check out to“Community Yoga”.  Register by Visiting the following links to PayPal or submitting a check to the address below   (Additional $3 Processing Fee for using PayPal).  Please indicate the session you would like to attend as a memo or a note.
14842 Dunbeth Dr., Huntersville, NC 28078

Workshops to choose from:

 3 Sessions to choose from:  Date TBD

1.  Davidson Parks and Recreation
865 South St, Davidson, NC 28036

$20 | 10:00am-11:00am


2.  Northstone Country Club
15801 Northstone Dr, Huntersville, NC 28078

$20 | 12:30pm-1:30pm


3.  Community Yoga Studio
20823 N Main St, Cornelius, NC 28031
Teacher Training

$35 | 3:30pm-5:30pm


Unwind witth Ursel Harmon and Debbie Seabrook

Saturday June 22, 2019

As Community Yoga, Corrnelius NC, hosts an afternoon of Gentle and Accessible yoga experiences

Try one, two or all three!

  • Pranayama with laughing meditation

2:00-2:45pm $15

  • Gentle Flow Yoga class

3:00-4:00pm $20

  • Restorative class

4:30-6:30pm $30

All three for $60 (all classes are all levels) Space is limited, please register early

*students attending meed to RSVP to Amy (704-491-4749) by June 8th.



Sacred Women’s Circle:

I see the Sacred Circle as an opening  to connect with other amazing  women.  This is a safe space, where we have a variety of topics ranging from Simple Sharing to Vision Boards, Health Issue etc.   We share thoughts, ideas, concerns, and even laughter through this monthly offering….all to open and to engage my mind to interesting possibilities not only for myself, but for the community.

Make a commitment, its not always convenient but make it happen 1 day a month.

Being in these Circles never “just happens.” Your calendar will never just automatically pop up an alert that says “Women’s Circle” without you putting it there. Intention is necessary.

Being in Circle Invites Support

Being in Circle Invites Accountability

Being in Circle Invites Brainstorming, Feedback, and Ideas

Being in Circle Invites Fun

The next Sacred Circle will be held on May 3rd 7:30 – 9:00PM :

Come join us for a fun evening with Facial Yoga at this months Sacred Women’s Circle.

The wonderful Biggi of Facial and Body Works, will be our host for our Sacred Women’s Circle in May.  She has donated her time and expertise with us since the beginning of Community  Yoga’s conception, 2004.

We will exercise our facial muscles in combination with our breath.  Then we will work against the lines to bring an all over glow to our faces.  This will strengthen your facial muscles, increase blood circulation, drain the lymph nodes, and help the elasticity and nourishment of your skin.  Some of the exercises are so fun you will not be able to keep yourself from laughing.

($10 fee – portion of proceeds donated to this year’s charity –  Vigilante Truth) Join us as we connect with other amazing women in our safe space at Community Yoga. ($10 fee – portion of proceeds donated to this year’s charity, Vigilante Truth)


CY Book Club – The First Book

We have a community member approach us about starting a book club with a spiritual orientation through community yoga.  We are starting this month and will meet once a month for 3 times and see how if we would like to continue meeting after that.  We would like the group to be somewhat committed to the energy of the discussion and keep it moving forward.

We wanted to do this to support ourselves in reading and contemplating spiritual ideas and would enjoy being part of a lively and supportive group.

We thought for our first book we could start with The Yamas & Niyams / Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice by Deborah Adele. I have never studied this subject before and assume there may be people who have and can add even more to the discussion. (Book is available at Amazon).  This is a book club that is meant to focus more on the ideas that are a jumping off point for discussions.

The dates for the book club are the second Sunday of the Month, starting October 14th.

We are very excited to start this so please RSVP email of interest and commitment to

Yoga Express for Less

This 45 minute class is Community Yoga’s way of giving back to our students as well as offering new students an opportunity to take advantage of a discounted price of $5 per class.

(No class passes – Monthly/ 5/ 10 class – are NOT accepted for this class due to the already low cost.)



Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, like the “going-to-sleep” stage. It is a state in which the body is completely relaxed. This state of consciousness is different from meditation in which concentration on a single focus is required. In yoga nidra the practitioner remains in a state of light consciousness. The yogic goal of both paths, deep relaxation (yoga nidra) and meditation are the same, a state called samadhi. Yoga nidra is among the deepest possible states of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness.

First Sunday of the month, 12:00-1:00 pm

Drop In. $10 donation  recommended toward Community Yoga’s charity.