Shannon Gray

Shannon Gray began practicing yoga in 2000. As an avid long distance runner, she welcomed the relief of joint pain after turning to a more consistent yoga practice, but was also thankful for the lessons of mindfulness yoga introduced.  She completed her 200 RYT in 2005 through Integral Yoga, Richmond, Virginia and continued training in Prenatal Yoga in 2006 through Yoga Source. It wasn’t until experiencing significant health issues and the death of her mother that she learned the tremendous gift yoga offers in accepting a changing body’s abilities and finding joy and light in life’s experiences.  Her goal is to allow a space to practice yoga for everyone. Along with returning to teaching yoga, she am also a consultant and advocate for safer personal care products with Beautycounter.  The other joys in my life are spending time with her two daughters and husband, curling up with a book and reading, and supporting the performing arts.