Uni Smith

Uni Smith (meditation instructor)

Uni Smith is an Insurance Sales Professional and has worked in a Sales Organization for over 20 years.  Her occupation was draining her physically, emotionally and mentally.  She was seeking something to help ease the stress from my daily life. She was introduced to the Twin Hearts Meditation in March 2013. The difference it made in her life was immediate and simply incredible. She has been practicing Twin Hearts Meditation almost daily ever since.

Since practicing the Twin Hearts Meditation, Uni has cultivated love, peace, joy, patience, balance, and good health and is still in Insurance Sales. The Twin Hearts Meditation has truly blessed Uni’s life. In return, she decided she would like to be in and of service to others by teaching others how this simple guided meditation can bless them too.

Meditation on twin hearts – is an advanced, guided meditation technique for individuals 16 years of age and older, with the focus on an act of service and loving-kindness to promote peace in the world.