Yvette Harrold

Yvette Harrold (instructor)

Yvette began practicing yoga in 1997 in the basement of a Charlotte church, and she greatly values this early learning experience with Kripalu teacher Mary Lou Buck.  Yvette quickly determined that yoga was a powerful way to enhance her physical workouts and to bring better life balance.  She knew that the practice of yoga would become a permanent part of her world.  As a student Yvette’s love for yoga grew through the influence of teacher Amy Schneider; and in 2004 Yvette was introduced to Anusara™yoga.  Yvette finds the principal of alignment to fit well with her approach to life.  Becoming a yoga teacher was a natural step for Yvette as she has been a business executive trainer by profession for over 15 years.  Taking her teaching skills into the yoga discipline has enriched all facets of her life.  Yvette is a 2009 graduate of Carolina Yoga, a 200-hour teacher training program offered by certified Anusara™ teachers, Kelley Gardner, Sarah Faircloth, and Stacey Millner-Collins.  

Yvette has a natural ability to assess her student’s needs.  She physically challenges her students to explore their edge and to enjoy the moment.   She also encourages the application of yogic principals to life off the mat as a vital nutrient to relationships and life challenges.  Yvette loves to travel and finds herself practicing yoga in studios all over the country.  In addition to Yvette’s regular yoga practice she recharges through reading and hiking, and spending every moment she can outdoors. Yvette has also published two children’s books.  As a writer, Yvette is inspired to instill in children awareness in conservation, nature, and simplicity.